Non-surgical plastic surgery

التغيرات الصغيرة دائما تحدث فروقات كبيره
لدينا جميعا ميزات صغيره تزعجنا نرغب بتعديلها ومع تقدم الطب وتطوره عيادات الموج حصدت احدث التقنيات الممكن استخدامها
وبدون تدخلات جراحية خلال فترات استشفاء قصيرة بنتائج مرضية, يمكن الحصول على شفاه ممتلئة, تحديد أفضل او بشرة مشدوده
والعديد من اجراءات التجميل الاجراحي المتنوعة

Face drawing

Filler is a delicate but versatile treatment that can bring the desired volume and smoothness to your face by injecting a gel to get fuller lips, fewer wrinkles and cavities, and it can be used to define the contour of the face.
Botox is the ideal solution to fight wrinkle lines in the face and has multiple uses that work on treating gummy smile, raising the eyebrow and reducing the nose, so that the area to be treated is injected with a substance extracted from bacteria that works to control muscle movement from tension or relaxation.
  • A non-surgical procedure that involves inserting thin strings into the face and neck so that collagen is stimulated, used to relieve wrinkles, contour the face and draw it from eyebrow lift, neck and face lift, cheek lift and double chin lift.

Beauty enhancement

  • A technology that increases the vitality and freshness of the skin due to its dependence on the injection of the skin with hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the elastin and collagen in the skin, works to increase the elasticity of the skin and results in a healthier and more radiant complexion
  • A complex containing proteins and growth stimuli extracted from stem cells that help to regenerate damaged and old cells and stimulate hair follicles to grow twice more and it is suitable for all ages. It is also a safe product for pregnant and lactating women, anti-inflammatory, oxidation and pigmentation and is used to treat active acne Effects of acne, lightening dark circles, fighting wrinkles of the face, neck and hands, removing pigmentation and melasma, supplying and lightening dark lips
Mesotherapy is a fine and fine injection for injecting specific substances into the body, which are combinations of natural extracts, often plant origin, that contain vitamins, minerals, effective enzymes, and some medicinal and medicinal materials. The desired result, as it works on the freshness and vitality of the skin, treatment of hair loss, treatment of baldness and melting of fat.
Plasma is one of the natural substances in our body that is extracted from the blood sample that is taken from the client. Plasma is a transparent liquid in the composition of the blood that contains vitamins, minerals and hormones. It stimulates the affected skin and tissues, produces new cells, stimulates the skin to produce collagen and rejuvenates it and fills the cavities caused by wrinkles. It works to nourish and treat hair loss, treat the effects of pimples and scars, circles. Blackness around the eyes and improve the appearance of the skin.