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Welcome to Al Mouj Group Clinics

In 2006, it was decided to establish Al Mouj Clinics Group, with the aim of providing cosmetic medical services to the community, with values represented in providing a high quality level of service. Al Mouj Clinics is interested in providing the best to each client, so the team is chosen with high accuracy to match the message to be delivered to our customers. The confidence of our customers is our goal.


Non-surgical plastic surgery

The most modern methods of treatment in non-invasive plastic surgery are available at Al Mouj Clinics, using techniques that suit the nature of the fast rhythm of life, with short recovery periods and a fast treatment period.


Our customers are important, so Al-Mouj clinics made sure to have distinguished doctors in the first place and provided the latest treatment methods to find solutions to various problems of skin and skin diseases.

Laser skin treatment

Al Mouj Clinics puts its hand in the hand of its clients to provide them with the latest technologies and award-winning devices under the supervision of our medical team to provide the desired results against skin problems

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the first solution to resist unwanted hair with the emergence of that wave clinics paid attention to the smallest details and provided a variety of lasers that suit different skin types and colors.

Periodic care

Your constant concern for your skin protects you from the possibility of long-term skin damage despite our stressful daily skin life, so we have the latest high-tech devices and treatments.


Al Mouj Clinics is concerned with the oral health of all family members by providing doctors with highly qualified medical qualifications and devices with modern dental technologies to make a beautiful smile for our clients.

Medical laboratory

الصحه اساس الجمال , لأن عيادات الموج تهتم بصحتك وفرنا مجموع متكاملة من فحوصات تحليل الدم باستخدام احدث الاجهزة والتقنيات

The pharmacy

Diyar Al Shatea Pharmacies provides a complete and diverse range of cosmetic and human health products

How can we help you

We are at your service to answer any question or inquiry regarding the clinic or the services provided by our customer service representatives and our medical team are ready to help

صفقات الجمال

Our medical team


إنجـاب الأطفال حلمٌ يراود جميع النساء، لكنَ فترة الحمل والولادة تحتاج للجهد الجسدي والنفسي، حيثُ يتسبب الحمل بالكثير من المتغيرات على جسد المرأة، وذلكَ لأنها تكون قد اعتادت على نظام معين، وفي فترة الحمل تواجه متغيرات جديدة، تتمثل في خلق نفس أخرى بداخلها، فـ تتغير بنية جسدها وهرموناتها حتى الحالة النفسية والمزاجية، ما يدعوها للتفكير مليًا في إجراء عملية تجميل بعد الولادة حتى تتمكن من استعادة جسدها وثقتها في نفسها.

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Orthodontics is a treatment option that mainly deals with problems related to the location of the teeth and jaw, and aims to improve the appearance of the teeth and jaw by adjusting the alignment and moving them towards the correct place.

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There is no doubt that getting a beautiful and attractive smile is a dream that haunts everyone, so experts and specialists have developed many cosmetic dentistry techniques, making the realization of this dream accessible to everyone. In the coming lines, we will talk about modern procedures and techniques in cosmetic dentistry.

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Pediatric dentistry is one of the important things that we must talk about through the Al Mouj Medical Clinics Blog. There is no doubt that children need special care for their teeth, because their teeth are highly vulnerable to decay as a result of consuming sugars and sweets, as there are many techniques that doctors recommend to preserve Baby teeth, including the "Fisher Silent and Fluoride" technology, which we will talk about in detail in this article.

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Many diseases lead to damage or loss of the teeth, which makes it necessary to perform dental implants, which are implantation of new metal implants in place of the teeth, by replacing the damaged teeth, or to compensate for the lost ones.

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ظهرت الخيوط التجميلية لأول مرة في فرنسا لذا سميت بالخيوط الفرنسية وهي خيوط طبية تستخدم في التجميل بدلًا عن الجراحة التقليدية وتستعمل للنساء والرجال أيضًا؛ لتقاوم علامات تقدم الزمن وتزيد من شبابك، وتعتبر الخيوط التجميلية إجراء غير جراحي تستخدم لشد الوجه وإصلاح الترهلات والتجاعيد.

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With the development of cosmetic techniques tremendously, there are many options for facial beautification, including Texas and Nefertiti technology, one of the modern cosmetic solutions for neck sculpting and for drawing and contouring the face without surgery, and in this article we will talk about the latest techniques used in drawing and contouring the face without surgery (Texas and Nefertiti technique). Many changes in the shape of the face occur with age and voids appear in the center of the forehead,

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حقن البروفايلو تقنية ظهرت مؤخرًا في عالم التجميل الحديث، والتي تهدف بشكٍل أساسيّ لعلاج التجاعيد والترهلات، ولإضفاء البريق والنضارة على البشرة، بالإضافة الى أن حقن البروفايلو تعيد الجاذبية والجمال للرقبة واليدين. حقن البرفايلو تعتمد على حمض الهيالورونيك أسيد المشهور جدًا في التجميل الحديث من حيث فوائده الجمة وهو متوافر بالأصل في الجلد بشكل طبيعي ويعمل على شد الترهلات وتجديد الخلايا في البشرة.

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حبوب الوجه وما تخلفه من تصبغات وأثار من المشاكل المؤرقة للكثيرين، وقد تختلف حدته من شخص لأخر، في هذا المقال سوف نتعرف على الطرق الحديثة لعلاج حبوب الوجه وعلاج أثار حب الشباب والتصبغات. يقول الباحثون والأطباء أن حبوب الوجه ردة فعل طبيعية من الجلد اتجاه العدوى والالتهابات التي تصيب الجسم، واعتبر الباحثون أن الندبات والعلامات تعتبر بمثابة ردة فعل ثانوية اتجاه الالتهابات، وهناكَ أشخاص يتشكل لديه ردة الفعل الثانوية وهناكَ من لم يترك علامات في البشرة.

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All women in the world aspire to beauty, and what a woman cares about most is the beauty of her face in all its details, there are those who want a small nose and there are those who want rosy lips, and there are those who dream of plump cheeks, and other many requirements for every woman’s pursuit of glory. Sometimes after all of this there is still a missing link and dissatisfaction with the appearance continues, and the solution may lie in undergoing facelifts.

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